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Sacred Space Alchemy Candle - Alchemical Magic

Sacred Space Alchemy Candle - Alchemical Magic

Connect to your Divine Self with our Sacred Space Alchemy candle. Burn this exotic oriental inspired fragrance blend, of Pink Lotus, warming spices, and restful green notes in any area you wish to bathe with sacred energies. The Sacred Space candle is infused with Protective Crystals, Ritualistic Herbs, Sacred Mantras and Affirmations to create an atmosphere of peace, protection and heavenly energy.

Each candle contains:

Lotus (Spirituality). Black Tourmaline (Balance, Protection, Purification). Smoky Quartz (Dissolves Negativity & Emotional Blockages). Amethyst(Transformation, Harmony, Psychic Vision). Lotus Stamens (Spiritual Growth). Mugwort (Psychic powers, Protection, Ritual). Solomon’s Seal (Purification, Knowledge, Wealth).


Oriental Lotus Blossom, Warming Spices and Restful Green notes.

Dimensions: 8oz
Weight: 210g
100% Soy Wax
25hr+ Burn time