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Goddess Alchemy Candle - Alchemical Magic

Goddess Alchemy Candle

The Goddess Alchemy Candle connects you to the Goddess within, and the energy of the Divine Feminine. A blend of Sacred Jasmine & Rose oils, infused with crystals, Mother Goddess Mantras & traditional goddess healing herbs. Burn this candle when in need of nurturing, to bring out the beauty & magic within you.

Each candle contains:

Rose (Unconditional Love and Passion). Jasmine(Feminine, Goddess, Power). Rose Quartz (Self-Love, Trust, Forgiveness). Moonstone (Cycles, Psychic Gifts, Balance). Lavender (Purification, Protection). Jasmine Buds (Sacredness, Sensuality, Awakening). Witch Hazel (Heart Healing, Beauty, Magic). Spikenard (Divine Connection), Pearls(Christ Light, Harmony).  

A blend of Jasmine & Rose notes.

Dimensions: 8.65cmh x 7.49cmd
Weight: 490g
100% Soy Wax
40hr+ Burn time

Packaged in a Rose Pink Mirrored Glass container with Silver Lid.