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Chakra Balance Alchemy Candle - Alchemical Magic

Chakra Balance Alchemy Candle - Alchemical Magic

A special blend of Frankincense & Myrrh, the Chakra Balancing Alchemy Candle is the perfect candle to burn when you are feeling out of balance. Blended with Chakra Crystals, Herbs, Spices, & infused with Chakra Chants, it will quickly bring about a state of inner peace & feeling of balance.

Each candle contains:

Frankincense (Enlightenment, Inspiration, Protection). Myrrh (Acceptance, Ritual, Spirituality). Red Jasper (Grounding, Strength, Connection). Carnelian (Guidance, Strength, Courage, Balance). Citrine (Expansion, Abundance, manifestation). Rose Quartz (Self-Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Trust). Lapis Lazuli (Awareness, Potential, Communication). Amethyst (Transformation, Harmony, Psychic Vision). Clear Quartz (Healing, Spiritual Evolution, Creativity, Light).

Mandrake (Prosperity, Fertility, Aphrodisiac). Star Anise (Clairvoyance, Good Luck). Cinnamon (Love, Beauty). Cardamom Seeds (Genealogy). Angelica(Inspiration, Magic). Calendula(Purification/Detoxification).


Exotic, Soft Spicy notes of Frankincemse and Myrrh

Dimensions: 8oz
Weight: 210g
100% Soy Wax
25hr+ Burn time