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Self Care Essentials Kit - Alchemical Magic

This beautifully boxed kit includes:

The Eye Compress - MIND + Love Bath Soak - BODY + The Sacred Space Clearing Mist - SPIRIT + Alchemical Magic Crystal Eye Pillow + Selenite Crystal Wand

The herbs, botanicals, essential oils, healing salts and crystals were specifically chosen for their individual healing and uplifting properties. Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature in the  sacred space you create for yourself. Relax in the soothing calming aromas of the Love Bath Soak, the healing, clearing, awakening properties of the Eye Compress and the purification, upliftment of the Sacred Space Clearing Mist. The combination of crystals that the Crystal Eye Pillow is filled with, creates a metaphysical level of deep healing, realignment and purification of one’s chakras and energy fields.