NATURE CARE HEALTH Level 5, 39 Chandos St St Leonards, NSW, 2065


Sara Spitzer, Northern Beaches

I found Kate about 16 years ago and feel so grateful and appreciative. During those years she has supported and helped me navigate life's happenings with humour and ease. In 16 years she's helped me conceive my son (of course from the sidelines!!), been a wonderful sounding board and matched me perfectly with various tonics, helped me deal with the stress of the corporate world, and given me tools to help me stay grounded & get some sleep during my mothers diagnosis and rapid decline from Cancer. Kate is a great girl, she's a mum, she's got a load of life experience and she meets you where you are. Kate is also funny, insightful and most important for me ... gave me achievable, bite size changes to make. She's got both feet on the ground, and hasn't even suggested I give up my one dear coffee a day, or few glasses of wine a fortnight. Thank goodness!!!! 


Jenna Logan, The Seed Collective, Sydney 
Kate has a wealth of knowledge, compassion and understanding coupled with a natural opens and intuition. That is why I recommend my clients to Kate who are going through their fertility and pregnancy journey. The care you receive is second to none and is always delivered in a non-judgemental and nurturing way.. all with the intention to have you reach your goals. She is a true trusted advisor and I know my clients are in the best hands when they are working with her.

Not only is Kate my go to naturopath in Sydney for my clients but also my family. I have personally worked with Kate for the past 7 years and we have never been more empowered to make our health the priority it needs to be. As a result I make conscious health choices for me and my family. We have never felt better!  
Thank you Kate for the wonderful work you do.


Lucy Cornell, The Voice Advisory, Sydney
Kate O’Flynn is more than a naturopath. She is an alchemist. She works with the subtleties of the spirit, psyche, the body and its chemistry to find balance, harmony and sanity. Thank you Kate. You not only supported me back from the stress of having a baby, but you helped bring calm back into our house