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Medicine Buddha - Alchemical Magic

Juniper, Sugandha Kokila, Lentisque, Citrus


The Alchemical Magic Medicine Buddha Healing Mist is a unique balance of Juniper, Sugandha Kokila and Lentisque essential oils. Blended with citrus floral water to create a therapeutic mist to assist with a variety of ailments including the common flu, digestive upsets, stress and lymphatic drainage. This mist is also very effective for jet lag and heavy tired legs.

It holds anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. The Medicine Buddha Mist has the fresh characteristics of pine, an undertone of the sweetness of cinnamon and a strong fresh green herbaceous scent. Juniper adds a warm balsamic aroma to the Mist.

As its name suggests it is a medicinal blend that was created to help with a variety of conditions, and is infused with the Medicine Buddha Mantra, “Tadyatha Om Be Khan Zye, Be Khan Zye, Maha Be Khan Zye Radza Samud Gate Svaha” Buddhists believe when one recites or listens to the mantra it purifies all your negative Karma. The mantra is printed on the label in Sanskrit to continue infusing the mist with its healing properties. A Clear Quartz Crystal is added to the bottle to amplify the vibration of the mist. It can be used as a personal mist spritzed around the body’s aura, in your healing room, or a patients sickroom.

PLEASE NOTE: Use should be avoided during pregnancy.


Dimensions: 50 mm x 150 mm